Finding new music

If you visit my Tumblr with any frequency, you know that music is an important part of my life.

One of my favorite things is finding new music. It’s fun to find a new artist that is just breaking through or about to be born. 

But that has been a challenge.

Pandora is fine and we use that service on our Sonos at home. We’ve created a few artist radio stations and we hit play when we are having a party or friends over and we just let it go. It’s easy enough but I find the playlists are stale.

Same thing is true on the radio. I have SIRIUS in my car. Dig that it’s commercial free but the playlists are stale there too.

Enter exfm.

The latest version of exfm released a few weeks ago has been completely re-writtten from the ground up. It’s absolutely changed my music experience (disclosure: we are investors in the company and i’m on their board). 

The new version does not require a browser extension. Just goto the site and search for an artist and hit play (example, here’s what a search for The Head And The Heart shows). 

If you register as a user, you can do a lot more. You can follow people and listen to songs they love on the web. Here’s my profile on and all the songs I’m loved.

exfm also released a music player that hundreds of music blogs are now using.

For example, if you swing over to the popular music blog I Guess I’m Floating, you will see the exfm player on the bottom of the page which provides an easy way to listen to songs on that blog (whether you are an exfm user or not). You can then follow that blogger on exfm and start loving tracks that you want to share with others inside exfm or on twitter, tumblr or facebook. 

One of my favorite things about the new exfm is the explore page and the trending page. They are beautiful and give a simple way to find new music.

Earlier today, Dan Kantor (founder and CEO of exfm) told me that Foster the People was on exfm many months before it hit radio. So awesome.

If you love music, and love finding and listening to new music then give the brand new version of exfm a try and tell me what you think. 

(screen shot of exfm’s trending page via TechCrunch).