Greplin makes the cloud better

There are very few desktop apps running on my Macs. Mostly everything I do is running off the browser (few exceptions: adobe lightroom & skype). 

So that means the vast majority of my data is in the cloud. It’s in Google Apps, dropbox, evernote, tumblr, twitter, and delicious. 

But finding my data, when i need it, in a super fast way, is increasingly becoming a challenge – especially on a mobile phone. Gmail has trained me not to care about folders and to care more about search. But searching gmail from the iphone is slow at best and barely works.

Enter Greplin.

Greplin has recently built an iOS app that allows you to search your stuff in the cloud. It’s extremely fast and it presents the information in an awesome way, like highlighting phone numbers and other contact information in an email. 

I’m so happy with this app. It has taken it’s rightful place on my first page on the iPhone. Well deserved.

(get Greplin for iphone here)