when are you going to respond to my questions about comments? a blog without comments isn’t a blog — its a soapbox. what happened to the emphasis on “conversation”? steve

i’ve been thinking about your question and I’m not sure I’m ready to turn back on comments. It’s been about a two month test so far and I’m going to keep it this way for the time being.

I do agree conversation is very important. That’s why I participate so much online and other people’s blogs, etc. 

And comments on Tumblr works for many folks. But I dont think it’s the best for me. at least not now. 

Just like Twitter doesn’t have comments per tweet, I want my own Tumblr without comments. I’d rather hear from you and others via Tumblr Replies, Tumblr Ask, Tumblr reblogs, tumblr likes, or tweets via @bijan or email. 

It’s just how I’m feeling right now. 

I’ve always felt that comments were a choice not an obligation. And I don’t agree that a blog without comments isn’t a blog. Some of my favorite blogs have comments and others don’t. I don’t think there are any hard and fast rules.

I think the soapbox scenario happens when you stop listening and responding to others. And I’m not doing that. Or at least I don’t think I am guilty of that one.