Write once, share anywhere

Over the past week or so, I’ve switched text editors on the iPad. 

I’m now using Elements (instead of iA Writer).

Elements does a number of things in addition to keeping things simple and clean.

It connects to Dropbox so all the documents I create with Elements are automatically saved to the cloud. It supports Markdown which the inner geek in me appreciates.

And best of all – it’s extremely easy to send anything I create in Elements to Tumblr. 

I love apps that embrace that write once, share anywhere view of the world. 

Instagram does a fine job of this as well. I take a photo with Instagram, pick a filter and then I can share anywhere. This is what the share options look like:

I’d like to see more apps take that approach. Let me create the content in one place and send it to any place I choose.

For example, gmail could offer a way to offer a URL for every conversation thread. It would only be accessible to those on the email list through some sort of authentication. From there, I could think of lots of ways to send that link to various places of interest.

API’s changed the web forever. It brought together services in compelling ways that were unavailable to individual apps. Now we need more services to take advantage of this and let us send our bits anywhere.