Sharing music from the cloud to Tumblr

Fred’s post today about files vs the cloud is really excellent.

This past weekend, our firm switched from Microsoft Exchange server that we self host to Google Apps. It feels good to get more desktop software off my Macs amongst other benefits of moving to Google. 

One thing that Fred talks about in that post that resonates with me are the steps to get music from one service into another. I love listening to music online. In fact, my iphone today doesn’t have any local songs on it. 

Soundcloud is great for this. It’s very easy to get SoundCloud tunes into Tumblr for example. Inside the Tumblr Dashboard, you can select audio post and then automatically grab a track from Soundcloud. It works great. All the music stays in SoundCloud and Tumblr just plays it back. No file transfer anywhere in that process. 

Another way to get music into Tumblr is with exfm. Simply install exfm’s extension into Chrome. Then when you hit any music blog, you can play the song as you would normall do or you can select “Share” and then choose Tumblr.

For example, here’s a great indie music blog – Indie Rock Cafe.

Recently, Indie Rock Cafe posted a free single that the band Beiruit released to the public. When I click the “+” button that exfm inserted in the player, i can “note” it which saves it to my exfm profile page or I can share to Tumblr. 

This is what it looks like:

The cloud is a wonderful place to be. 

I’d love to see photos smoothly move through the clouds like music is starting to. That would sweet.