A summer weekend in Vermont

There are a lot of beautiful places to see in the Northeast.

One place that we never visit, except in the ski season, is Vermont. 

I’m not sure why, it’s very close, but I think during the summer months we get to the beach mostly. And during the other seasons, life gets nuts with the kids activities and all.

A few weeks back, Lauren took Ellie to the Icelandic Horse Farm up in Mad River Valley in Vermont. Ellie is crazy about riding and Lauren thought it would be fun.

They had an absolute blast and lauren couldn’t stop telling me how beautiful Vermont is this time of year. 

So this past weekend it was Lauren’s birthday. We had someone watch our kids, and I took Lauren back to Vermont.

It was amazing. Between the green everywhere, the dramatic mountains, the rivers and waterfalls, food and wine, it was well beyond my expectations. 

If you are thinking about making the trip, here are a few pointers/highlights:

Pitchers Inn. A warm and cozy place. Adults only. Excellent breakfast and we had dinner in the wine cellar. Say hello to Ari, the general manager for me. He will take good care of you. 

-Lunch. There are a number of organic & vegan places all over Vermont. We had lunch in a small town about 15 minutes from our hotel at a place called Mint. I had the Avacodo melt. Awesome bread too.

-Hiking. We did an easy but beautiful hike up to sunset rock. That’s where I took this photo. Steep, short and super fun. 

-Biking. Lauren and I are training for a century ride in Sept. Vermont is quite hilly so we ended up driving about 20 minutes from our hotel to a gentler sloping route. It was a gorgeous ride with mountains and farmland everywhere. Here’s the route we took. 

Warren Falls. Located about 5 minutes from our hotel. This was so much fun. Crazy places to jump and swim. So much fun. 

I always knew Vermont was stunning the fall and winter. But I fell hard for Vermont in the summertime. I’ll be back.