A quick review of Lion

Very early this morning, I upgraded my Mac to Lion.

So this is hardly a thorough review. If you want a comprehensive review of Lion you should check this out

Anyway, here are my initial thoughts.

-It’s truly amazing that apple is able to sell me a new operating system through their app store. No CDs, no DRM, no codes, no nothin. I remember the days when I would do a clean install when a new OS hits, but not this time.

-The total instal time took 35 minutes (not including the time it took to download from the Mac App store). 

-Many folks do not like the new scrolling gestures of Lion. I love it. Forget looking at the scroll bar. Just imagine you are moving the actual page when you scroll, just like an iPhone and you’ll be golden. It’s a very sastifying feeling. 

-I also like all the other physical gestures to get to desktop, Mission Control and switching screens. Very smooth. Feels like Minority Report. 

-I’m a big gmail user. gave up entourage and outlook years ago. I’ve always preferred using gmail with a browser instead of any native app. That changed with Lion. I’m now using the latest Apple Mail client and I love it. The only feature I miss the is “unsend” feature in gmail via a browser. Otherwise I’m hooked. 

-haven’t had a chance to use AirDrop but I’m really looking forward to it. Everyone at our firm is switching to Macs. #sweet

-all of the apps I use daily work fine with Lion. No problems.

that’s it for now. so far i’m pleased.