Testing out Tumblr w/o comments

Sometime last year, I saw a few people tried to create a new site that would allow folks to add comments to tweets. None of those efforts created any meaningful traction as far as I can tell. Adding comments to tweets wasn’t a native Twitter experience.

Why do I bring that up? Well, I’ve been using Disqus to power the commenting system on my Tumblr account since the day i joined Tumblr back in 2007. And it serves me well. I truly believe that Disqus offers the best commenting platform on the planet and I find myself commenting more often when blogs and sites use Disqus than otherwise. I value my Disqus profile and the rich community within their network.

Over the years, the Tumblr team has made it easier to integrate Disqus comments into various Tumblr themes which is fantastic for people that want to include comments into their Tumblr accounts. And that’s valuable for Tumblr users that want that experience. Perfect example: the Tumblr Staff account includes Disqus comments.

Lately I’ve noticed that I’m getting as many Tumblr gestures, ie “notes”, such as reblogs, replies and “likes” as comments. I’m also paying more attention to the latest update to Tumblr Ask now that I can respond publicly and privately. Those things (reblogs, likes, ask, and replies) are native to the service and show up in the Tumblr Dashboard. Comments do not show up in the Dashboard.

So I’m running a little test and going to remove comments from my Tumblr account for a short period of time (likely few days or a maybe a few weeks). I’m a bit nervous this test since I value comments – especially on my favorite blogs. But Tumblr isn’t quite a blog. It’s something else. So I want to give this test a try.

During this test, there are lots of ways to interact with my posts

-you can email me directly: bsabet at gmail

-you can ask me something with Tumblr Ask

-you can @reply me on Twitter

Let me know what you think and I’ll keep you posted on my little experiment.