Mobile Only

My friend @fredwilson wrote a series of great posts called “Mobile first, web second”. It’s a critical topic and something that we often talk about with our portfolio companies.

Here’s a link to the most recent one Fred wrote on the subject

The other important thing many of us experience these days are not only mobile first apps but “mobile only” apps.

On my phone, my mobile only apps include Kik, postagram, Instagram , my-cast, and square. If these apps have web counterparts they are unknown to me.

My latest mobile only app that I love is EasySign. It allows you to sign documents very easily on your phone. I have it on my iPhone and once installed you simply do a long tap on a document in mail or dropbox, choose EasySign and then use your finger to sign a document.

I had to sign a bunch of time sensitive docs yesterday. Without a doubt it was easier to do it on my phone vs my mac.

We are away for the extended weekend. I didn’t even bring my MacBook Air on this trip. And I don’t miss it one bit.