Looking for the Vimeo of photos

I’ve been a loyal and active Flickr user for years.

If you head over to my Flickr profile you will see that I have something like 8k photos on their service. Much of them have been tagged too.

For me, I use Flickr to store all of the photos I want to save forever. I put a small subset of those photos on Tumblr to share a particular moment.

Flickr was one of the first web 2.0 communities and I always appreciated their API and the idea that photos are part of a stream (as opposed to albums).

But Flickr isn’t doing it for me anymore and it hurts to say that outloud.

The iPhone app is sluggish. The latest UI fresh is still way to cluttered and the public vs private dials are clunky. I’ve also read a few stories about people losing photos on Flickr which doesn’t make me feel any better.

Zillions of folks have switched to Facebook over the years for photos but it’s not me either. I don’t like my personal photos showing up next to odd ads and full disclosure I don’t fully grok the public vs private settings on FB either. Also I’ve taken great pains to make Facebook work for me by limiting it to less than a 100 friends and there are times where I want to share my photos with the world.

So I want the next version of Flickr. I’ll take it from yahoo or some awesome startup. I want it clean and simple, like a photo version of Vimeo. And I’d like the mobile version to feel fast and awesome.

Who’s working on that?