Attack of the clones

I’m on vacation this week. Im avoiding email successfully so far but I’m still checking twitter and tumblr. I guess i don’t consider that work :)

I saw earlier various folks were tweeting that there is now a Tumblr clone out of China.

I guess I’m not surprised. And I’m not worried.

I remember shortly after we invested in Twitter there were over a hundred twitter clones around the planet. I have the page tagged on delicious but can’t easily link from my phone right now.

Clones don’t wait for things to get huge either. Shortly after Svpply was born and we subsequently backed, we saw a few clones pop up in the US and in the UK

The thing about clones is that they will always be behind since they don’t have their own inspiration or creativity to push ahead.

I’m proud that we are investors in the real thing.

(please excuse typos and lack of links. wrote this on my phone)