Using the iPad more and more

Apple recently announced they shipped a zillion iPads for the quarter.

It’s an amazing device. I use mine a ton and I’m starting to find new uses for it all the time. 

Since I picked mine up day 1, it had been mostly a consumption device for me. Instapaper, Flipboard, Netflix and others brought a very sweet iPad experience. I’ve been playing around with Boxee for iPad (in private beta) and loving it. 

But I’m finding myself using it for content creation more and more these days.

I recently wrote a post about ia Writer. I use that when I need to write something substantial. It’s simple and clean and gets out of your way. 

For taking notes in meetings, I use Apple’s built in Notes app. Then after the meeting I email the notes to Evernote. When you email it to Evernote you can include hashtags in the subject line and those tags carry over to Evernote. I now have an organized set of notes for each portfolio company, board meetings. 

I’ve given up on cases that protect the iPad during use. They just add to much bulk or they don’t look or feel great in my experience. Instead I picked up a handmade sleeve on Etsy which looks and feels great. And I throw that in my bag. When I use the iPad I just take it out of the sleeve. For typing on the iPad, I end up typing in my lap or prop it on something around or I have the Apple iPad keyboard with a built in dock that I use when I’m pounding out something lengthy at home. 

The only experience that is missing on the iPad (for me) is streaming music from the web. The lack of flash makes it challenging. Some services are making the move to html5 thankfully. For example, you can listen to songs I’ve ‘noted’ on on your iPad. Hit shuffle and let it rip. 

How do you use your iPad?