The miracle of simplicity (aka iA Writer review)

I am writing this post on an iPad using iA Writer. This app is a pleasure. I’m not sure if they have a version for the Mac or not but I will find out. 

It gets out of your way and let’s you do what you need to do. I like it very much. 

It’s interesting how some simple and beautiful iPad apps are better than their complicated messy desktop alternatives. At this point I would rather create a presentation using keynote on iPad vs MacOS. And iA Writer on my iPad is much more compelling than MS Word any day. With or without my apple keyboard dock

Also I’m quite taken by the font that Writer uses. I wonder if I can use it on my blog. 

As I use iA Writer, i think about all of the news coming out of CES this year. Writer is focused and simple. So much out of CES this year feels over the top and packed with endless features or frankly vaporware. I don’t want to pick on any products in particular but just head over to engadget and you will know what I mean. 

Don’t get me wrong. There are very cool things launched at CES this year that will end up at my house. 

But there is something special about products that ignore the hype, nail the user experience and deliver a joyful experience.