Where should we keep our content

This morning as I was walking to my office, i was checking out Twitter and saw this tweet from my friend Dave Winer. 

Is it wise spending our time writing for *other* sites? http://r2.ly/9ipc

The link sent to me to this post by Adam Laskin who wrote about the pro’s and con’s of contributing to sites like Quora vs your own blog or website. 

I’ve been in a big believer in blogging and self publishing. I think everyone should own their own domain and point it where they want. That way you have ultimate control. It also helps that if you do a Google search on ‘bijan sabet’ my blog will come up first. I like that. 

But I don’t feel like all of my content should live explicitly on my website.

I want my content anywhere that is useful and interesting to my friends, family, colleagues and my community. That’s why I contribute to various online communities and while I’ll continue to do that.

Depending on the content at hand, i’ll sometimes reblog it here as well as other places if it’s something noteworthy. I do that with an occassional gadget review or a photograph.

I think all content owners should think about it their content that way. Make it easy for others to consume and provide feedback. 

It’s better for you. It’s better for the web. And it will improve your give/get ratio