Quick review: Nexus S

Yesterday morning I went to Best Buy and picked up a Nexus S.

I was eagerly awaiting this phone and here are my thoughts a day later. 

Short version: I love this fucking phone. 

The build quality is better than I thought it would be. Yes, it’s plastic but it’s very comfortable to hold (especially compared to the iPhone4). The screen quality is superb. The 4" screen has a lot of benefits and one of them is typing on the Gingerbread keyboard. I can absolutely fly on this thing. 

Gingerbread also cleans up a lot of things. The camera app is simpler and better than my other Android phone. Selecting text, copy & paste is smoother. Icons look better. Things just feel better.

I do wish Android had an easy way to scroll to the top of pages like iOS by tapping the top of a page.

I don’t have enough experience with the phone but the battery life seems excellent. Much better than the HTC Incredible. 

Tmobile is great in my office and at my house (whew!). I can’t wait to give it a spin in SF and NYC. 

I haven’t had time to sync the Nexus S with my iTunes playlists or my iPhoto library (not sure how to do the latter). 

I’ve got the Nexus S set up to connect with gmail and our office Exchange server. Very easy to set up and works great.

I love how fast things are getting better on Android these days. Gingerbread is a solid step forward. The latest Gmail app for Android is sweet. Google Maps 5.0 is stunning. And Voice search was just updated as well. All of this in the past month.  

I think the best part about the Nexus S is that there isn’t any carrier bloatware or OEM funkyware. It’s just a clean version of Android. I can make my phone a hotspot w/o asking Tmobile for permission. It’s an unlocked phone and I dind’t have to sign a contract with tmobile to set it up. I feel free. 

I’m getting close to dumping my iPhone. I’m mostly keeping it as a backup and for tunes and Instagram (@kevin: we need an Android version of Instagram, please!).