Google’s Nexus Strategy

I’ve been a fan and supporter of Android since day zero. I carry around two phones everywhere. I carry an iPhone 4 and an Android device. 

My friends Andy Rubin and Rich Miner created Android before selling it to Google. And Google made a fantastic acquisition with Android and then did an even more amazing job – they supported the team after the deal. It was an acquisition done right.

Yesterday, Andy announced the new Nexus S. The Nexus S is the second hardware inspired by the Google team. The first one was the Nexus One.

And until yesterday, the best Android powered phone in my opinion was the Nexus One. All other Android devices have uninspired hardware. The others feel cheap and have weak designs. 

It sort of reminds me of the WindowsPC ecosystem from a hardware point of view. I’m sure Windows 7 works fine but PC hardware is lame. That’s why I own Macs. The integration between the software and the hardware delivers a great user experience. 

Google knows this. That’s why they have a Nexus strategy. They want to show OEMs and the world what’s truly possible with Android. 

I would buy the Nexus S in a new york minute if it was available for Verizon. The perfect phone for my needs would be a Verizon Nexus S that also supports GSM roaming.

That’s why i picked up a Droid Pro this morning. It replaces the HTC Incredible that I used to carry around. The hardware is weak. It’s plasticy all over. The screen is low res compared to the Incredible or the Nexus S. The USB connector is in the wrong place. But it’s on Verizon, it’s Android and it’s a world phone so I’m carrying it….for now. 

I love Google’s Nexus strategy. I hope more of their hardware partners pay close attention.