This year has been intense to say the least.

Work has been on full speed since january – many new investments, several follow on rounds, seeing some of our portfolio companies come into their own, helping others get thru adolescence, a record breaking amount of traveling, learning from the pain of losing a few deals and raising our new third fund.

On the personal side it has been intense as well. Our kids are doing great but each day is a new set of learning for the kids and for me as a parent. We’ve had a very close friend learn and help their 8yr old fight cancer. We will never forget 2010.

And this thanksgiving we find ourselves far from home visiting close friends that we havent seen in years.

Today I’m going to spend just thinking and appreciating my family and dear friends. It easy to take them all for granted in a busy year like this one. But there are always going to be busy years so it’s days like this that I love and appreciate. A good reminder about whats really important.

So call your mom. Call your friends. Give out plenty of hugs as you stuff your face with great food. That’s what I’m gonna do.