What comes after Google Street View ?

I love Google Street View. It’s one of my favorite Google apps. I use it all the time.

Earlier this year, when we were planning our trip to Paris, Lauren and I figured out where we would do our morning runs based on Street View. It was such a great experience. 

The thing I’ve been thinking about lately is what comes after Google Street View? Five years from now what will the experience look like?

-tap things in the video and bring up associated web content, like related tweets, foursquare checkins, links?

-go inside of buildings?

-built in Street view support in our cars?

-contribute to street view by 3rd parties with new devices like GoPro

-tag locations?


I know there are plenty of folks concerned about privacy when it comes to Google Street View. I think its a valid concern but right now all I can think about are the possibilities.

What do you think?