Quick review: MacBook Air 11″

I picked up the new MacBook Air 11" yesterday.

Lots of folks aren’t interested in the 11". The battery life isnt as good as the 13" model, the processor is slower and there isn’t a built in SD-card slot. And I wouldn’t recommend this model as your one and only computer. 

But for me this thing is a game changer.

I travel a lot and the size of the 11" MacBook Air is perfect for me. It’s hard to describe how small & light the 11" feels. For me, it’s substantially smaller than the 13" Air. I can take this everywhere. The keyboard is sweet and so is the display. This computer feels significantly faster than my older macbook air too. 

I haven’t given the battery a full test drive yet but everything I’ve read online suggests that I should be able to get 4.5 hours on a full charge. That’s fine for my needs. 

The only thing I wish apple included was built in 3g like the ipad. That would make this absolutely perfect. I bet it’s in the next version.