Thank you, Marco.

When I first met David Karp he hadn’t yet launched Tumblr. He had a consulting company called Davidsville and Marco Arment became his co-pilot. They also built a bunch of cool things – they also created Tumblr back in 2007.

I started using the product right away and fell in love with it. At the time, Tumblr was inside of davidville. David and I spent a bunch of time together over the following months. And that’s when I met Marco. We decided to build a company around Tumblr. I believe the service had less than a 100k users at the time. 

Today, Tumblr is a very large web service. It’s a top 50 web site in the United States and now has 12 employees (and hiring!). But for most of Tumblr’s history it was just David and Marco. 

Yesterday Marco announced that he was leaving his full time role at Tumblr. I’m happy for him and he should be extremely proud of his work and accomplishments. And I am grateful for that work and for the opportunity of getting to know him personally. It was an absolute pleasure. 

Thank you Marco.