Is it just me or has iOS become quite buggy?

I have been a loyal iphone user since the beginning. 

I bought the very first one after standing in line forever with @nabeel

Then I bought the next one and the next one after that. And I bought the iphone4 this year. And I love this phone. 

But it feels like iOS is getting heavy and buggy.  Apps crash or do strange things. Even native apps. The mail app crashes on me once a week. Sometimes I goto the calender and everything on my daily schedule is gone. I catch my breath and advance to the next day and then come back and it’s all back again. 

I find myself getting into rituals like powering cycling my phone every morning just because…

I remember getting so frustrated with the orignial iphone because I couldn’t copy/paste and there wasn’t any way to search the address book or install 3rd party apps. but that phone and that OS was rock solid.

Is it just me?

(photo via flickr)