If you like gadgets

Two of our portfolio companies made recent announcements that I thought I’d share.

Boxee Box

Boxee is a free application that you can download to your PC or Mac and brings the full internet experience – video, audio and photos to your television. And you can control the experience with a simple remote control or iPhone or iPod Touch.

Yesterday, Boxee along with one of their partners d-link, announced the ability to pre-order the Boxee Box on Amazon. The Boxee box is a very simple and tiny device that is the easiest way to bring the Boxee experience to your big screen. And it comes with an awesome remote. i’m loving that it’s already #6 on Amazon’s best seller page under electronics.

Gdgt Party in Boston

Gdgt is a growing platform and community about all things gadgets. Whether you are a gadget lover (like me) or if you just getting started along your gadget journey. It’s a great place to check out reviews, specs and ask questions.

Ryan block and Peter Rojas and the gdgt team are throwing a party/meet up in Boston on Sept 22nd. They will be showing off the latest gadgets as well as giving away some cool stuff. It’s going to be a lot of fun. It’s open to everyone and free. I hope you can make it.