Two weeks in NYC

Tomorrow is our last full day in NYC for this particular trip. Our oldest daughter was at ballet school here in the city, so we rented an apartment and the whole family came down to spend the two weeks here.

As many of my friends and portfolio companies know, I’m in NYC all the time. When I’m not in the bay area, I get to NYC just about every week for at least one day  – sometimes more.

But it has been super sweet to stay in NYC with lauren and the kids.

Some other thoughts that come to mind:

1. The west village is my favorite part of the city by far. We found a great place on VRBO and it worked out well. Turned out that Jessica Szohr lives in this building. Lauren and kids ran into her 3 times. 

2. Thanks to Andy and John at Betaworks for letting me use their offices several times throughout the two weeks. I’ll also be there tomorrow afternoon guys so you aren’t done with me yet!

3. We hit a number of our favorite restaurants while we were here. But we also made it to some new places with friends which was a real treat like DBGB and Fatty Crab

4. It was fun checking into places on Foursquare and then have friends drop by the restaurant. Mo found us at Joseph Leonard one night because of Foursquare. My friend Tim also sent over a few dessert suggestions via SMS when he saw us check into some of his favorite places. So cool. 

5. I also got a lot of work done over these two weeks. Packed in a bunch of board meetings and met a lot of great entrepreneurs. Startups don’t slow down in August that’s for sure. 

6. I don’t know who to explain it but the city became much smaller to me on this trip – and in a good way.

7. Renting bikes and going for a family ride along the hudson was a lot of fun. 

We had an absolute blast over the past few weeks. This city is just fantastic. But it will also be nice to go home on Saturday. Our little boy told Lauren today, “I miss my dog and my light saber”

I hear ya buddy. 

I’m going to end this post now because I gotta get some plans together for tomorrow night!