A few thoughts about some rules I keep on this blog

This morning it occured to me that I’ve got a few rules I keep on this blog. Here are two unrelated examples:

* * *

Yesterday, I met with a very smart and interesting founder. He’s building a product and going after an interesting space.

I asked him a question during that meeting about some a specific consumer behavior I’ve noticed on social nets for some time but we never really had time to finish the discussion about that question.

So I left the meeting excited about what he’s up to but at the same time still curious about my particular observation/question. 

I was going to write a blog post later in the day to air out this question but I thought this might make this particular founder nervous about possible disclosure. My question/observation came to me many moons before this meeting but the founder probably doesn’t know that. So a blog post could lead to resentment on his part or frustration. I take confidentiality seriously so the blog post is going to live in my head instead of the page. It’s a challenge in my line of work but it’s the path I feel is best.

* * * 

The other thing I try to do on this blog is keep it positive.

I do this for you and for me. I try to surround myself with positive people. And it would be too easy for me to write about stuff that bugs me like how my political party (repeatedlybums me out or my dismay with market research firms. My friend Fred has MBA Mondays on his blog. Maybe I should start “Wednesday Rants”  :)