Some thoughts on Flipboard and content owners

I’ve been playing around with Flipboard over the last few days. 

I haven’t been able to link my twitter account yet but I’m guessing that will be resolved shortly. But I’ve been using it with other content sources so far and I think Flipboard is fantastic. Looks great and is a pleasure to use. 

The question that has come up recently is whether Flipboard is doing something legal or not

I’m thinking about something else when it comes to Flipboard and content owners. Namely:

-which content owners look at Flipboard and say to themselves, “this thing scares the daylights out of me” vs which ones say “I love it, my users love it and i need to get more of my content on Flipboard”. The latter are thinking this through correctly in my opinion. Get your content in front of users where they want it. 

-When I first saw Flipboard, I thought, I would love to get Tumblr content on Flipboard. My Tumblr dashboard is filled with highly curated and beatuiful things and I want that on the iPad inside Flipboard.

-Dave Winer has a post about the need for authoring tools for content owners so they can optimize for things like Flipboard and any reading environment. I’d like to see that happen too. 

-i’ve got this notion of verticle sections for Flipboard. for example, a NY Yankees tile or section could pull in multiple sources on that particular subject. Maybe it does that already?

Anyway, that’s all for now. More after I get Twitter working with Flipboard. But I could easily see myself getting addicted to this app.