iPhone 4 – a day later

Last week I added my name and lauren’s name to the waiting list at the local Apple store. And yesterday we received the email saying the units had arrived. 

It’s only been less than a day but I thought I would share my thoughts anyway.

There are plenty of great reviews already from Marco and MG. I’ll try to add a little to those if I can. 

Random thoughts in no particular order.

-Display rocks. It’s been said over and over again by others but I have to say it again. if the screen was the only update in iphone 4 i would probably get this phone. 

-Flash included. No, not adobe flash but i like the addition of the flash with the camera. I will never use it for indoor photography since I don’t like the blown out look of flash photography. But I will absolutely use it for fill flash needs – when a subject is against a bright background

-Fragile? There is now glass on both sides of the iPhone 4. I’ve never used an iphone case before but I feel like I should pick one up for this one. It just feels like I’m gonna break it. Although I’ve already had this thing knocked over an end table (3 feet?) and it fell face flat to a hardwood floor without any damage whatosever. Any recommendations on the best iphone4 case?

-Reception seems to be just as good or just as poor as my previous iphones. I know about “the spot” but it doesn’t impact how I use this phone in reality. At least so far. 

-Everything feels faster and smoother. Uploading media is super fast as others have pointed out. The browser experience is wonderful. 

-Having a front face camera is sweet. I’ve already taken a few pics of me with the kids. So much fun. Haven’t tried FaceTime yet. I hope they allow Facetime over 3g instead of WiFi only. 

-Physical design. Beautiful. Still getting used to the flat back in my hands. Love the thinness but kinda miss the smooth back of the 3gs. But this form factor does feel better in my front pocket. 

-Standard port. The one thing that drives me crazy about the Blackberry’s physical design is that they put the power connector port in the worst place. It’s awkward to use when the Blackberry is charging. The iphone has kept a universal plug in place since the first iPhone kept it on the bottom which is ideal. I wish the Macbook guys would learn a lesson from the iPhone team to avoid this mess known as Macbook video adapter hell. 

Ok, that’s all for now. Share your iPhone4 in comments or let me know if I missed anything or questions you might have.