Take your eyes off the screen and smell the flowers

A few summers ago, I answered a txt on my phone in the car while in traffic.

I looked up from the screen and had to hit the breaks. I was safe and didn’t hit anyone but it was stupid and close.

It was a wake up call. And I don’t do that anymore. I have bluetooth in the car and that’s how I do voice. I won’t txt while the car is in motion.

Last week I received another wake up a call. Someone sent me a picture of myself checking email on my phone while crossing the street.

Now, I’m hoping that i waited for the light to turn red and it was safe to walk but I really don’t know for sure. But here’s what I do know. From the photo, it looked like a nice day outside. I was wearing just a sweater and the sky was blue.

Did I really have to write an email while crossing the street.

Of course not.

It’s a good reminder to put the toys down and smell the flowers.