Welcome, Andrew Parker

I’m thrilled to announce that Andrew Parker is joining Spark Capital beginning next week. Andrew just posted the news on his blog this morning.

I first met Andrew when he joined our friends at USV a few years back. We are co-investors with Fred, Brad and Albert in 6 companies now and we end up spending a lot of time together. That’s how we got to know Andrew. In evaluating investment opportunities, working with founders and in the boardroom (as well as lunch at the Shake Shack and playing poker and other fun stuff too!), Andrew was always an important contributor and we’re thrilled to have him on the Spark team.

In every place I’ve worked, we’ve always been obsessed about finding the best people. Not just for the job they will do of course do, but its a lot easier and more fun when you get to work with people that you know, trust and respect.

Simply put, that is how we feel about Andrew.

So please join me in welcoming Andrew to the Spark family!