For some time now, I’ve been taking my kids out to breakfast every friday before school. It’s a nice little thing that we do without Lauren and it works for everyone. 

Today, Sophia (age 11) told me I don’t have to go to the bus stop anymore during the week. As it is I don’t get to do this enough since I travel a bunch. I wasn’t sure if she was upset with me or something else so I asked if there was something going on or if I embarrassed her. 

She said it was the latter.

Within 5 seconds of that conversation I was whisked away to her first day of kindergarten and her first day on the school bus. She was nervous as heck and so was I. But we were also both pretty excited at the same time. 

I know she still wants to hang out with me but I also know she wants some space. I get it.

But it’s not so easy to swallow.