Quick thoughts on iPhone OS 4 beta

Yesterday i installed iPhone OS 4 beta.

Quick thoughts

  1. It’s stable. Haven’t had any issues and all of my main apps work fine

  2. Folders work great. I have reduced 6 pages of apps down to 2

  3. In the settings there is a toggle for character count in the sms app. But doesn’t seem to work yet. Looking forward to that feature as I still like sending txt to twitter

  4. Multitasking. Right now it doesn’t seem to work in the beta. I launched last.fm app, double click home button and launch another app and the music stops. Right now it’s more like fast aol switching bs multitasking. I’m guessing apps have to be updated to take advantage of this. Apple should follow Android on this one. I love how you switch apps on Android

  5. Gmail on iPhone has always been good not great. Apple added threading to their built in mail app which is fantastic.

  6. Wallpaper works like iPad. Fun!

  7. After you load up the beta you can sync with iTunes like before but you can’t back up. Not a big deal for me since most of my stuff also exists in the cloud. The only potential exposure for me is if I take photos with iPhone I need to make sure to regularly upload to flickr

That’s it for now.

5/30/10: Update: the camera app is super fast with the beta!

(please excuse typos. Wrote this on my iPhone)