It’s hard to do two things at once

Yesterday i attended TechCrunch Disrupt.

It was fun seeing old friends and meeting new startups.

I was also on a panel of “judges” where we heard from the startups and we had the opportunity to ask questions and offer feedback.

They were all impressive presentations and it was clear they all practiced quite a bit and were prepared.

The one thing I saw that I’m not a fan of his the “two things at once” approach. That’s when an early stage startup builds a company for consumers and enterprise at the same time.

Startups are hard enough even when everyone is focused on one thing. It’s gets even harder when the company tries to be all things to all customers.

So I tried to make hammer on this point yesterday and I’ll say it again. Focus on one thing and nail it.

(sorry for lack or links and typos. Wrote this on my iPhone.)