Sitting at the gate and thinking about LOST

I’m sitting here at the gate a bit early for my flight to laguardia. The LOST finale is still sinking in.

I’ve been loyally watching LOST all these years. That first episode grabbed me and I couldn’t shake it loose season after season.

But I have some questions from the earlier seasons that I can’t figure out.

So here goes:

  1. What was the significance of the “numbers” from season 1.

  2. What was the deal of the button? Why did they have to keep pressing it?

  3. How did the polar bears get to the island and where did they go?

  4. Why could Jacob come and go from the island but not the Man in Black

  5. When “the others” captured jack and team and put them in cages and in the glass room, how did they know so much about them.

  6. Why did Desmond run over Lock outside the school. To get him to see jack?

  7. Why did “the others” take the kids in the first or second episode? And what happened to them ?

Ok, time to board my flight so that’s it (for now)

Feel free to add your own questions in the comments … or maybe we should just all move on :)