I heard it somewhere that most VC’s are wannabe entrepreneurs..while that may be a bit over the top, is there some truth somewhere? How do you balance the two. I’m asking because I’m considering a career choice between one or the other.

I don’t know if I would call VCs wannabe entrepreneurs and I hadn’t heard that one before.

I do know many VCs that truly love the products and people that they invest in. So they/we can get excitable about product ideas and market opportunities.

And I know several VCs that left their firms to join a company. For example, my friend Chamath left Mayfield years ago to join Facebook. @jess left Venrock and joined Twitter. So it does happen.

But most VCs want to be investors not operators.

Are you torn between starting your own company vs joining an existing VC? Or are you thinking about joining an existing startup?

Ultimately its about the people and which path will you love more.

Of course there are other factors like geography and other life issues. But thats the best advice I have for you since I don’t know you.

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