Some thoughts about mobile from Paris

We are walking everywhere in Paris this week. Or we take the metro. I’ve been enjoying the Metro Paris iPhone app. Lauren seems to know which train to catch without looking at the app. She’s that good.

We haven’t been in a cab once since we arrived except for the car that brought us from the airport to the hotel.

after nearly a week, here are some quick misc mobile observations from Paris

-my iPhone works great here. I’ve takes to the kids every day and not one dropped call. A friend of mine told me a few weeks ago in the States that AT&T is fine it’s the iPhone that has issues. That’s not my experience. I’m receiving calls, txt and data above ground and under ground just fine.

-I have high hopes for Android (my brother loves his htc incredible) but I haven’t seen any android powered phones on the metro. Not one. Smartphones here are either blackberry or iPhone. (I know, small sample size).

-3g is great here. Unlike NYC, I haven’t found any open wifi

-most restaurants have a Foursquare mayor. Only about 10% of the places we’ve been to don’t have a mayor yet. Every place had a foursquare listing. Seems like a short time ago I was manually entering in locations on cape cod so this experience alone is quite cool.

-This is the first extended trip I’ve ever taken without my laptop. I brought my ipad which has served us well. The only thing I haven’t been able to do on the ipad is post a daily song to my blog – which I’ve been doing for years. That’s been a hard habit to break.

-been taking a lot of photos with the gf-1. But wifi in the hotel is pretty bad. One day I’ll be able to have a 4g card on this type of camera.

-Lauren has been keeping a daily recap of our dining along with photos at

-google maps has saved us about a dozen times here.

That’s all for now. Time to explore some more.

(please excuse lack of links and typos. Sent via iPhone)