Ordered the 3g iPad

I’ve been thoroughly enjoying my ipad over the last few weeks.

It truly has reduced the amount of time I spend with my MacBook Air. It’s lighter, more comfortable to use and the battery life is dreamy. And it’s just fun to use.

I agree with Marco, the Apple iPad case has some real issues. But it’s the best case for my needs. I like how it props up in landscape mode. It fits perfectly in my bag.

It seems like every day I’m finding new apps or new ways to use this thing. The other day I discovered Google Streetview in the built in maps app. It’s like looking into the future every time I tap and virtually walk down a street. The camera connection kit should arrive any day now which is perfect timing for our upcoming trip to Paris.

Even though I’m digging the iPad, I decided to hit the order button on the 3g iPad today. I just travel too much to rely on WiFi and the battery life on the MiFi doesn’t hold up. I want to carry less things not more.

Anyway, I know a number of folks are disappointed with the iPad1. I’m just not one of them.

  1. on the other hand, the name iPad is ridiculous. I felt that way when it was announced and feel that way everytime i say it outloud. ↩︎