Some of my friends (Seth Goldstein & Jon Steinberg) launched a new product last week called Stickybits.

It’s a powerful idea. You can essentially add digital content (comments, links, photos, etc) to any physical object.

Here’s how it works. First, download unique barcodes from Stickybits and attach them to an object. I have one on the back window of my car. If you have the Stickybits app on your iPhone or Android phone, you scan that barcode and leave a comment if you see my car.

That’s just one example. There are many more. Essentially, every physical object can now have a URL attached to it. The service also notifies you if someone adds content to a particular item if you choose.

You can also order Stickybits stickers which look a lot cooler (and more functional) than the printed codes. I bought a pack and already have plans of where I’m going to put them.

Here’s an easy way to check out how simple this all is. Download the app on your iPhone or Android. Then scan this barcode below from the app and leave me a message, photo or video. It’s really fun.