Bijan, First, I enjoy your blog. Second, your post regarding the need for a Spark associate got me thinking about VC in general. I work in cardiac rhythm management as a clinical specialist. I’m beginning to see some “noise”, for lack of a better term, regarding social networking in the med space. I ran across @futurewell, which is an interesting follow. I’m curious about your thoughts on how startups that Spark and other VCs invest in might begin to impact healthcare and those of us on the business side of healthcare. Thanks in advance for your thoughts. Kevin K.

There is a lot going on with tech & healthcare. Much of it is happening top down – building stuff for hospitals and doctors.

While those are powerful ideas and opportunities, I’m much more interested in things that are focused on the user/patient first.

All the power & magic of sharing, information, social nets, community and transparency need to come to our healthcare system. And I believe it will.

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