Self Aware

Last night we went to dinner with some good friends. It was long overdue and I’m glad we did it.

We talked about a bunch of things. One of the things we talked about was our hopes and desires for our kids and the education we want for them.

My friend told us that he thought his own high school experience wasn’t very good from an academic standpoint. He wasn’t challenged, got bored and as a result his grades went from great to not-great.

Yet ever since I’ve known my friend he’s one of the most interesting, insightful, hardworking and creative people I know. He’s started multiple companies and has done well.

And I know plenty of folks that went to fancy private schools and are now lost.

So what does that tell us?

I’m still coming to my own conclusions but I think the thing I’m hoping for with my own kids is that they become self aware.

It’s important on so many levels but critical in terms of how you want to spend your time and who you want so spend it with.

It’s important for your personal life and professional life. The best entrepreneurs (or VCs) that i know aren’t great because of their high school or college education. They are the best because they know what they want, they know their strengths and they don’t settle.

(please excuse any typos. Wrote this post on an iPhone in the back of a cab).