Some thoughts about mobile from mexico

I arrived in Mexico yesterday and been thinking about a bunch of random mobile things.

In no particular order.

0 – our hotel is roughly an hour drive south of the cancun airport. I had 3g coverage the entire way down. I don’t think I’ve driven anywhere in MA, NY or CA for that long and had the same 3g coverage

1 – before I left I called AT&T and signed up for their international plan. $29 for 20megs of data plus $0.50/minute for voice. Going over on data will cost me a $5.12 per meg. Such a nasty way to bill. Keeping track of data usage like that is nuts.

2 – thankfully i don’t have to keep track of cellular data since the hotel has very good wifi.

3 – i downloaded the Skype app for iPhone and pay $3 per month for unlimited calling to the US. I don’t plan on making a lot of calls except for dialing into my partner mtg on Tuesday. If I didn’t have skype I’m not sure how much it would cost.

4 – sim cards feel closed and nasty. I feel like a sucker roaming on cellular. Wifi feels good.

5 – I brought our big digital slr, canon 40d. I’ve taken way more pics on my iPhone than the dslr. Wonder how much longer i will lug around a dedicated camera.

6 – read the nyt this morning before everyone woke up on my iPhone. I wouldve preferred an iPad.

That’s all for now. Back to vacation.

(please excuse any typos. Wrote this on my phone).