Apple iPad

One of the most hyped products in recent memory was announced by the folks in Cupertino today. 

The iPad.

Earlier this month, I posted my wish list for this device. I got a few things but we didn’t get wireless sync or hdmi output. And it doesn’t have a built in camera. I guess that will come in v2.

But I’m getting one.

The user interface is a huge step up from the iPhone and looks amazing on the 10" screen. I’m guessing much of that touch UI will come to future macbooks and that will be huge.

I can type pretty fast on my iPhone so it’s a safe bet that I’ll be able to type faster on the iPad.

The device looks stunning. Apple claims a 10hr battery life. And it’s unlocked, no carrier contract or subsidy. Yes!

I can’t wait to use it with Twitter, Tumblr and Google Voice.

I’m always showing off pictures and videos of my kids on my iPhone. Now my friends will really have to suffer with even better slideshows :)

I don’t think the iPad can sync with the iPhone? These things need to sync with the cloud and not with each other.

It’s very cool that iPhone apps will work on the iPad. Brilliant actually. But the browser is going to ultimately win out (thx to multitouch, HTML5 and AppCache) and Safari on the iPad/iPhone/iTouch is the best mobile browser on the planet right now. That is the killer app.

Instead of the slogan “there’s an app for that”, I hope we get back to “there’s a URL for that”.

Full review coming in 90 days!