NYT lays out the MA senate race

If you live in MA and haven’t made up your mind about today’s important senate race then I encourage you to pick up the nyt and turn to page A20.

At the bottom of the page is a comparison of the two candidates on the important issues. At least they are to me.

Martha Coakley:

-supports comprehensive health care

-supports public option

-against the afghan troop increase

-first state AG to sue the federal govt to overturn a section of the 1996 defnse of marriage act that defines marriage as being between a man and a woman

-against the death penalty

-NRA gives her an F rating

Scott Brown:

-against gun control.  NRA gives him an A rating

-against the health care bill

-supports waterboarding

-opposes same sex marriage

-supports the Afghan troop increase

Vote for Martha Coakley. And spread the word.

(pls excuse any typos. Wrote this on my iPhone. )