Giving Blippy a try

I am very excited about a new service that launched recently – Blippy. In early 2008, I was hoping someone would create a similar service.

In case you aren’t familiar, Blippy is a way to publicly share things you buy with others. If Twitter asks the question, “what’s happening?” and foursquare asks you “where are you?”, then Blippy is asking “what did you buy”?

My biggest issue with current online reviews is they are often gamed. Or the reviews are all over the map and it’s hard to match content with context. I would rather see what my friends are actually buying (what hotels they stay at, what products they buy, what movies they see etc).

I’m sure lots of people feel their purchase history is a private matter. But I believe the upside is bigger than the downside as users (and you can always select items you want to hide). And, Blippy has the promise of the more you give the more you get. It’s easy and the data is extremely valuable.

The service is currently in private beta (screen shot below). If you are a fellow early Blippy user then you can check out my profile here. I’m interested to see how this one goes.