My digital life in the year 2000

We are coming to the end of a decade.

So much has changed in the world technology. I thought it would be fun to jot down the gadgets and other misc stuff I used in those days.

1. Computer. I used a Powerbook G3 (Pismo). I had a love/hate relationship with that computer. It had a 400mhz processor and it was my first laptop with wifi. The screen was amazing. And even though System 9.x was getting long in tooth I loved it. But it was big and heavy. A year later the Powerbook G4 titanium was introduced and I bought one that same day.

2. Phone. Nokia 8210 running on AT&T. I couldn’t get a signal on 280 near below 92. I guess somethings don’t change. But that phone was sweet. It was tiny and the battery lasted forever. Many nights I didn’t even charge it.

3. Blog/Personal website. In the late 90’s I bought the domain In those days, I used Microsoft FrontPage. I would add a new photo to the home page every week or so and then update the page with family news. Internet Achive still has some data from my site back in 2000.

4. Bandwidth. I was a PacBell subscriber. I paid $50/month for 1.5Mbps/downstream. I don’t remember how much upstream I had in those days.

5. PDA. That was the year, I dumped my Palm for a RIM 950.

6. My personal email was hosted on hotmail.

7. In the late 90’s, my browser default home page was set to I think by 2000 it still was but I’m not sure.

Item #7 reminds me how much the web has changed as well. So many of my favorite web services didn’t exist back then. And even some of my favorites from those days I use very differently today (e.g. Google). It’s interesting to think about what the next 10 years will be like.