Google Health

I just set up my profile on Google Health.

I added my basic vitals (birthdate, weight, height) plus the date of my recent flu shot, my allergies as well as past surgeries.

I shared my profile with my wife so she now has full access.

A few weeks ago I had a routine physical including blood tests to check on my cholesterol. I still don’t have the results. It’s on my todo list to call my doctors office to get the data but thats a hassle.

I wish there was an easy & automatic way to get that data into my profile.

As I’ve said before, the family tree is missing medical history. And while it’s easy to complain about the current antiquated paper based medical records system, it’s exciting to consider where things like Google Health and other web based services are taking us.

In the future my kids (and their kids) will be able to see my medical history. It will help us stay informed.  It will help us make better decisions. As patients we will connect with others going through same issues. We can connect each other to new studies, new research, new data.

Powerful stuff to think about .

What else becomes possible once our data is available?