Some thoughts after a day at 140conf

Yesterday I attended Jeff Pulver’s 140conf in Los Angeles.

(btw that’s me, ron conway and howard lindzon)

I ran into a bunch of friends and familiar faces. It was also plenty of fun meeting a number of new entrepreneurs.

Frankly, I didn’t know what to expect from the conference. But I have to say, I was really impressed. Jeff Pulver has organized a fantastic event and I’m really glad I was able to participate and attend many of the sessions yesterday.

The coolest thing about the sessions was the range of topics and ideas about the real time web, Twitter and where media is going.

To give you an idea of the diversity of topics, the speakers covered everything from venture capital, television, news, music , law enforcement, public diplomacy and mom communities. And that was just Day 1. Day 2 is today.

But the most powerful session yesterday was led by Mark Hovarth. Mark talked about his experience being homeless and his tireless work as an advocate for the homeless. He shared intimate photos and stories about specific individuals that were beyond moving. He uses his blog & Twitter to tell the world what is going on.

Mark brought a woman on stage that he met in Chicago that is homeless. She uses Twitter at public libraries and SMS (publish only) to share her experiences about her life (I missed her twitter username so I’ll have to ask Jeff to send it to me). A number of us in the audience gave Mark a standing ovation after his session. And for good reason.

Thanks Jeff for putting on such a great event. Thanks for inviting me. And thanks for your passion.

Update: I just got a tweet from Mark. The woman’s name is Ann and she tweets at @padschicago.

(found these 140conf pix on flickr from george dearing)