Plantronics Discovery 975 review

Let me say right up front: I really don’t like headsets. Actually I don’t really like talking on the phone at all but for my job its part of the deal.

My car has bluetooth built in and the iPhones can pair up nicely with the hands-free system. It’s a breeze.

But I’m traveling a lot to the west coast and the law of the land is that drivers must have a hands free system. I think that’s a good idea.

So I wanted to get a bluetooth headset to use on the road.

I picked up the Plantronics Discovery 975. Here’s my quick thoughts on this headset.

-First of all, who came up with the name of this product? I mean, really, the Discovery 975. I found out the the previous model was the Disovery 925. Not kidding. If I was an engineer at Plantronics I would be pretty bummed with the marketing peeps. They work hard at building a product and that’s the best the marketing folks can do?

-okay, now on to the product itself. It’s pairs up easily with the iPhone. No sweat.

-i like that the device can rest in your ear without any of those ear loop things. I wear sunglasses quite a bit and those ear loops never worked for me. I’ve used the device for a few long conference calls and it stays in just fine. Lightweight and comfy.

-audio quality is great in the car. I haven’t used it walking around the city because that’s not the use case for me.

-battery life is a bazillion times longer than the iPhone. I also like that it uses a standard micro-usb charger. Also comes with a portable charger too.

I’m going to recommend this headset if you need a handsfree in your car.

But you probably won’t see me walking down the street with this thing on….