Comcast zigs while Time Warner zags

It seems likely that Comcast will acquire a controlling interest in NBC Universal.

In a way it’s nothing new for a cable operator to seek control of cable properties. That was John Malone’s playbook when he ran TCI.

But i think it’s interesting to see the differences between comcast’s strategy and time warner’s strategy

For example:

  1. Cable. Time Warner spun out Time Warner Cable. Comcast grew their cable business over the last 10years substantially buying AT&T and Mediaone.

  2. Time Warner is divesting online content eg AOl, while Comcast is buying (daily candy, fancast, theplatform, plaxo).

I have always been impressed with the execs at Comcast. I also like it that the founders are still running the business.

I think the NBC move is a signal that the once mighty cable network as a scarce point of distribution isn’t the only game in town.

And i believe it also is a signal that over the top online video is becoming real.

(disclaimer: wrote this on my iPhone. Sorry any typos and lack of links).