Going back to my old school

This Friday I am giving the keynote talk at Boston College TechDay.

Last night I put together a number of slides which is essentially a set of graphical cliff notes taken from my blog. I’m going to talk about venture capital and things I’m excited about in the world of startups and technology.

I couldn’t help but think about how much has changed in the world of technology and media since I went to school there.

I graduated in 1991 and I’m 40 years old now. So when I left BC this was the state of things

-dial up was the best I could get out of my dorm room. By my senior year I was on AOL. My user name at the time still my handle on AIM.

-I had a MacSE in my sophomore year and had a Maclx when I graduated.

-When I arrived as a freshman I had vinyl and tapes. By senior year I was mostly about CDs except for mix tapes I made for me and my friends.

-we had a nintendo64 in our dorm room. That was a sweet machine.

-no mobile phones, no wifi of course

-I had a Sony Walkman with cassettes. Never owned the CD version

-no ability to email or txt teachers or fellow students

-(not related to technology but by my senior year I was actively protesting the first war in Iraq. I guess some things don’t change).

I am sure I’m missing a bunch of things.

But it’s amazing to go back to my old school which is at the same physical location but really in a different world.

(disclaimer: wrote this quickly on my iPhone. Please excuse typos)