Rooting for Android

Plenty of folks ruled out Google’s Android when it first shipped with Tmobile G1. The biggest problem was the G1 hardware & form factor.

Gears on T-Mobile G1G1 by niallkennedy via flickr

Frankly, it was disappointing. Plus the number of 3rd party apps were limited to say the least.

Much of that has changed. I’m seeing more and more entrepreneurs and developers building Android apps. Many of these apps are coming out before Blackberry or Palm and in some cases even ahead of the iPhone.

And now we are seeing better looking Android powered phones. That will certainly increase volume and developers are going to pay even more attention. Plus, Google doesn’t block 3rd party apps like Apple does. (i still believe that apple is going to drop their gatekeeper role with iphone apps in the near future).

I’m looking forward to getting my hands on some of the new Android powered phones this fall.

I’m rooting for Android.