Random thoughts

Just a list of random thoughts. (Hope you don’t mind)

0 – My brand new MacBook Pro has a 500 gig drive. I always knew the day would come where I would be carring around a half a terabyte – but it’s amazing nonetheless.

1 – This past week on vacation I saw my wife and my oldest daughter tear through a ridiculous amount of books. We had to make a trip to the local bookstore mid week to re-stock. I asked my wife why she doesn’t own a Kindle at this point. Two answers: a) don’t want to ever deal with troubleshooting a book and b) can’t share books with a kindle. She loves giving away books to friends and family. It’s her thing.

I didn’t ask my daughter if she wants a kindle because i already could guess the answer. I haven’t convinced myself that a 10 year old should get a Kindle. Maybe I’m old fashioned about some things.

2 – The new verison of Disqus rocks.

3 – I’m really proud of  our portfolio companies. I realize that I talk about them endlessly. But I really can’t help myself. Just this week OMGPOP & Twitter made the list on Time’s Top 50 websites. Yesterday OMGPOP just lauched a killer new game at Hitmachine.fm. New Boxee apps are showing up at a nice pace. The Tumblr folks are getting ready to launch some exciting new stuff very soon. Accenture recently announced that they are working with Bug Labs. Another one of our companies just reached profitability this quarter. Okay, I’ll stop now :)

4 – I hold four mayorships on Foursquare. I’m going to be in NYC for two days with lauren and the kids later this week. Hopefully I’ll add a few mayorships along the way.

5 – The Yankees lost tonight but it was a hell of a comeback attempt in the 9th. So happy that they are in first place in the AL East. I’ve got a good feeling…

6 – I’m seeing some sick cloud based applications. They are being built by a handful of brilliant engineers going after huge markets and established leaders. More on that later.

7 – Looking forward to the @shakeshack II.

8 – Bill Gurley’s latest post about the future of venture capital sums it up nicely

9 – Check out Fred’s latest post about why we should all learn from Craigslist.

It’s now just after midnight. That’s all i got for now. Good night.